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PFS Pasini

PASINI METALS PRODUCTIONS S.R.L. is a reflection of Italian’s entrepreneurial tradition.

The company was established in 1967 and, as time went by, the range of innovative and refined articles became vaster and vaster and the company soon gained the attention of both the national and international markets, where PASINI products came to occupy a place of prominence.

Our products are now sold worldwide over 40 different countries all over the world with ample opportunities for further expansion into new market.

Today the younger generation’s keen contribution to the company has added the long experience, the enthusiasm and know-how, thus giving fresh stimulus to the constant search for quality throughout the entire range of articles produced.

PFS PASINI has always worked in a completely autonomous manner, creating its own original models and looking after every single stage of the manufacturing process, right from the design of the article through to the finished product. In their completely re-modernized plant, the company relies on the most sophisticated and up to date technology: search for quality has always been the guiding principle. This means great attention to the choice of raw materials, careful selection of skilled labour and use of high industrial technology. The particular care given to every phase of the working cycle ensures perfect compliance with the regulations in force concerning quality control certification.

Special attention is given to our customers, who are always carefully looked after either with exclusive or customized articles and put in a position to stay on the market with products of great competitiveness and excellent manufacture.



The tradition and the experience are fundamental for the care of the particulars that make our handles different.

The raw material, for example, is constituted only by brass rod that is forged to warm. This process guarantees the best quality of the product because it avoids the formation of micro holes that ruin the surface. In comparison to other poor materials, as the Zama (Zinc alloy) or other more economic leagues, that we refuse to work with, the brass guarantees a greater resistance and duration in the time.

The continuous search and innovation allow us to be to the state-of-the-art in the presentation of new solutions or special finishes like PVD (resistance and brightness guaranteed in the time) ANTICATO and YESTER.

Our models are CONCEIVEDPROJECTED and REALIZED in Italy thanks to an important collaboration with specialized designers that allows us to create our original own models.

We are the first company of handles that promoted and developed a project in collaboration with the most important European University of the design, the POLITECNICO DI MILANO, that brought to the birth new models based on the use of new materials and new functions applied to the handle.

PASINI handles are all realized in the respect of ecology, of the environment and of the human resources, guaranteeing a best future to us and our children and allowing to get non-toxic models (for example absence of NIKEL).


  • Material: Brass
  • Available in 20 different finishes, also for small quantities www.pasini.it/finiture-materiali/
  • Opportunity to have custom made design products, also for limited quantities, in the last years thanks to the experience of our designers and engineers, we make your dreams come true from the design step to the final product. www.pasini.it/maniglie-personalizzate/
  • All machine working are made with automatic cnc machines, granting an elevated quality standard and assembling of the different components
  • Our finishes: OLV – OGV – SAT – YESTER – ANTICATO are protected by a double varnishing layer, while many of our competitors use only a single layer. This allow us to offer a longer resistance guarantee (more than 100 hours us “salted foggy” test against standard 48 hours).
  • All our finishes have 2 years guarantee against corrosion and oxidation and 10 years guarantee against technical defects. PVD ZIRCONIUM finish is 15 years guaranteed (tested for over 500 hours in “salted fog”).
  • All our handle and pull handles are predisposed to be fixed and mounted with different kind of locks (with or without “pass through” screws) and different kind of doors and panels (wood, aluminium, PVC panels and frames, glass).
  • We are always developing new models of door handles and pull handles, always offering the best quality, price and service to our clients.
  • We are the leader company in Europe of the production of PULL HANDLES FOR OUTSIDE DOORS, with over 100 models available in different finishes.

Who purchases one of our handles buys not only a product of quality and design “MADE IN ITALY” but also a FASHION OBJECT, a STYLE OF LIFE, personified in the SATISFACTION TO PURCHASE AN OBJECT OF VALUE, marked by the respect of the environment and the dynamism that today’s life that our company express.

Visit our web site to find out more about us www.pasini.it



Pasini, a company that has combined innovation and design in the creation of customized handles and pull handles, is the partner with whom Tavar will participate to the Dubai Fair from 12 to 15 September.
Here you can see some work in progress shots of the installation … can’t wait!



If you rely on Tavar, you don’t choose just a parquet, but a complete outfit for your home.

Our goal is to offer you the possibility of creating customized projects, which reflect your personal taste and the style of your house.

Have you ever thought about combining wood with other furniture accessories?
For example, you can use parquet as a wall covering to make a boiserie with lighting plates in the wall, or you can realize an elegant wooden decoration in the handles.

The high customization offered by Tavar, combined with the antibacterial treatment, guarantees you an exclusive and protected environment.

Create the perfect ourfit for your home with ITALY collection.

Check our MATERICO collection too.

In collaboration with PLH Italy and PASINI METAL INDUSTRIES.

Tavar produce e commercializza pavimenti in legno, realizzando prodotti di qualità, prestigio, a vocazione innovativa.
Esperienza, versatilità, abilità artigianale e professionalità, sono i punti di forza che ci consentono di soddisfare le esigenze di tutti i segmenti di mercato.

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