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Tavar has a long history of passion for wood that goes back to the year 1950.

A passion that, over time, has grown and strenghtened and that has lead Tavar to become one of the most important manufacturers in the timber/wooden floor market. Tavar is an innovative company thank to the professionalism and longstanding experience of its experts, who know how to manufacture only the best products that will accompany and delight you for years to come. The company headquarter is in Ravenna, in the heart of Italy, and thus in a city that has always been devoted to beauty and to the creation of artworks of the highest quality. The city of Ravenna is also the place where the company’s production site is located. It covers an area of about 100,000 square meters, 22,000 of which are roofed, not to mention the company’s laboratories, warehouses and showrooms.

The Company

‘The quality of our products lies in the passion we put into making them’

azienda tavar
azienda tavar
azienda tavar
azienda tavar
azienda tavar
azienda tavar


Research in ‘passion’ and passion
for ‘research’.


“Innovation’ as a vital movement
of the company.

azienda tavar
azienda tavar
azienda tavar

for Tavar means

showing the best aesthetic and technical quality of the wood in order to create pleasant and comfortable living spaces with an exclusive style. For Tavar, the love for high-quality raw materials, together with the expertise of our craftsmen, are at the heart of our ethic and responsible production process. Cause through the quality of the materials that surround us, it changes the very quality of our life.

for Tavar means

being always careful to the needs of interior designers/architects and clients, but also to offer a wide range of choices as well as the possibility to customize the product desired. The basis for all these commitments is wide and comprises various elements: the search for raw materials of the highest quality, a manufacturing process that incorporates the use of cutting-edge production technologies and an all-embracing manufacturing philosophy dedicated to the highest standards of professional and technical excellence.
  • La passione
    per Tavar

    Esprimere al meglio il valore estetico e tecnico del legno, per creare ambienti a misura d’uomo, confortevoli e dallo stile esclusivo. Per Tavar la passione per la materia prima e l’esperienza artigianale sono alla base di un percorso produttivo etico e responsabile. Perché proprio attraverso la qualità dei materiali che ci circondano è possibile cambiare la qualità stessa della nostra vita.

  • La ricerca
    per Tavar

    Tavar è da sempre attenta alle esigenze di progettisti e clienti, offrendo loro un’ampia possibilità di scelta e di personalizzazione dei prodotti. La ricerca di materie prime di altissima qualità, una lavorazione che si avvale di tecnologie produttive d’avanguardia e una cultura produttiva globale di eccellenza, permettono a Tavar di offrire ogni giorno solo ed esclusivamente l’eccellenza del parquet.
  • L’innovazione
    per Tavar

    Per Tavar l’innovazione è strettamente legata alla qualità: un valore che si esprime al meglio attraverso un patrimonio di conoscenza in evoluzione in grado di creare sempre qualcosa di unico ed esclusivo. Un patrimonio che diffonde nel mondo il prestigio del Made in Italy e che porta Tavar ad essere oggi il punto di riferimento nel settore del parquet indoor e outdoor.

    for Tavar means

    to never renounce quality by the wealth of knowledge and expertise of our professionals to create objects that are truly unique and exclusive. Ours is a patrimony that disseminates the reputation of products “Made in Italy” all over the world. Ours is a patrimony that has made Tavar the manufacturer to consult for indoor and outdoor parquet, timber/wooden floor sector.

    We at Tavar believe in the traditional as well as in the innovative aspects of wooden/timber floors.

    We believe in an individual and distinguished modern lifestyle. An essential and bold language, experimental but at the same time close to the most refined tradition, always linked to the sincerity of the material and the craftsmanship of the production methods. Perspectives in which to enjoy the beauty and elegance of wood. Places where colors, surfaces, suggestions blend with harmony and naturalness.

    Tavar produces and sells wood flooring, manufacturing prestigious quality products with a mind to innovation. Experience, versatility, craftsmanship and professionalism are the key strengths that enable us to satisfy the needs of all market segments.

    Where to find us and opening hours

    Tavar Srl - via Medulino, 12
    48122 Ravenna (RA) - Italy

    Mon - Fri 8:30-12:30/14:30-18:30 | Sat by appointment | Sun closed

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